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This, my first newsletter, is the fullfillment of a New Years promise to myself to be more in contact with with all those I know and want to get to know. Please do not mark this newsletter as SPAM to be rid of it! Just click the unsubscribe button on the bottom and I will be sure not to pester your inbox with all the New and Fun stuff going on with John Carter Photography! (AND win portrait sessions at my studio in Reisterstown, Maryland!) Awww SHUCKS...You Say?

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I really want to thank everyone I know for the support that has gotten me to where I am today. Things have never been better! Being back in school....building home in West Virginia....growing my business.... traveling places where scenes are jumping at my camera....a new creative vision....AHHhhh, tis' good!!!

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While writing this newsletter in Ocean City, Maryland I took some night time to make 30 second exposures, f2.8, at 1600 asa.

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I am getting back in the practice of writing because I'm too cheap to hire a copy writer. Future issues may have links to some of this "Super-Sized" Blah-Blah-Blah...



Blah...Blah...Blah - continued from above
Well, here's the JC update...As many people know, I had to chase a few demons out of my closet and make some life amends. This has been a "long strange trip" but the most rewarding experience of my life. After doing alot of moving around, I decided to dig my heels in Reisterstown, outside Baltimore. There is blend of surburbia and country that I like here and I feel welcomed by the community.

I am also making a new presence in West Virginia! I bought a parcel of land outside Berkeley Springs and building a really cool "get-away" home. Driveway is a mile and half long to a perch looking due east at a distant Hagerstown. Surrounded by 38,000 acres of wildlife preserve. This IS MY kinda-place!!! Bears, Wild Turkeys, Polecats,-OH MY! Have to knock off work for the winter because the driveway is to steep and slippery to truck up supplies.

If I want to see January 2010, alive, I better say something nice about Gail! Relationship still going strong. Been a loving 3 years now. Life IS good!!! She is finishing up an advanced degree in nursing and is slowly making it back to earth as the workload eases.

I am back in school at UMBC to get that bachelors thingy thangy I screwed up at Drexel. (long don't want to hear it...) Now considering Masters at Univ. of Arizona to work with Mark Klett. Being in school with students less than half my age has been a real eye-opener! Once I poked a hole in my bloated ego, and began to REALLY listen, I started seeing things in new perspectives and contexts. New creative possibilities are blooming faaaast and furious. Im spinning the dickens out of terabyte hard drives and feel like a kid at the Hershey Factory. Life is GOOD.

I also launched a new website " Seeing Eye Photo" to separate my landscape, nature, and wildlife photography from my professional work. I chose this name because it sums up my approach to be in places where images call out to me and I have to be receptive enough with a "Seeing Eye" to recognize the image therein. This is a venue of my best work. Unfortunatley, seeing an image on the web doesn't even come close to holding a high res print in your hand.

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I finally got the first round of prints made and mounted for the Lynn Brick Gym in Reisterstown. Don't need to be a member to view the art. Check out the pool area for the aquatically oriented scenes. Large Panoramas from Utah and Arizona will hopefully grace the Gym walls soon.

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