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(although I LOVE Killer Rabbits....)

WOW! What a great response from my first newsletter!
It was great getting back with many people I have not spoken with in so MANY years!!!

I didn't get much response about a online photo course but most folks did want me to continue with the "silly diatribe". So, I decided to include in this newsletter the story about how I could have been pushing up daisies in Utah this summer. Nothing too bad actually happened but I certainly got the eebie-jeebies scared out of me. Its' kinda long so don't be in a rush and hopefully you will enjoy the read.

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Do you know what I DO?

I was surprised to find out how many people didn't know everything I do in Photography/ Web Design and the nature of my business. Maybe with my NEXT million dollars I'll start a Branding Campaign! The hardest part in the business (for Me) is getting the RIGHT people to know I am even suckin' air on this planet. If your reading this your one of those who can verify my existance! THANKS!

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Picture of the month
While travelling in St. Maarten, I found a Butterfly farm near Orient Beach (the nude beach). This is to prove that I actually took pictures of the butterflies.....

Where was this picture taken?
Third person to send me correct location
wins free portrait session.

This Months' picture is much more difficult. Last months' location was determined in about .5 of a second and won by somebody who happened to be online when the newsletter went out. The winner this month will be the third person who gets it right.

And Yes, Roland, it is....OUTSIDE!
You have to make a better guess than THAT!!!
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I am starting spring term at UMBC January 27. Taking 4 courses this term and will be busier than a possum
in a garbage can.

Please don't be offended if I don't get back to Y'all pronto

I will be taking a drawing class this term. Hopefully, the teacher will grade me on my progression from the beginning of class to end and not on the quality of a final project! I have a hard time with stick figures at this point!



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Showing Off
I have started a new portfolio that will be tenitivley called---
It is from a recent collection of seashells found in Ocean City , Maryland. To see the first rendition click the thumbnail below:

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Supporting my friends in "Business Networking International"...
Howard and Son, Eric are doing EXCELLENT work putting that finishing touch on my images

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