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It has been awhile since my last newsletter!
(1 year) I guess I can't be accused of pestering Y'all! It has been a very busy time. I am finishing up myVisual Arts Degree at UMBC and presently taking my very last class which is Spanish 201! I have gotten very good at saying "No se sabe" and there is a nicely formed dent in the wall next to my desk! UMBC has been a very rewarding experience and I cant say enough about the faculty I have met there. Professors like Lynn Cazabon, Mark Durant, Calla Thompson, Steven Silberg, Preminda Jacob and the ever infamous Chris Peregoy I will never forget! Tom Beck in the "Special Collections" has been a personal mentor to me that I cannot thank enough. I had the distinct pleasure to study under Jerry Stephany before his passing which will hold a dear place in my heart forever.

After graduation I will be placing more information and links about how to make better photographs and utilizing the most recent technological advances.


Upcoming Events
Exhibition Opening at Penn Camera in the Woodholme Center on November 11, 5-8pm. I am showing selected images from Arizona and a few from Maryland. Exhibition is titled "Being There". This was my response when asked at my Landscape Workshop (every May at the Benjamin Bannecker Museum) "What is the top suggestion you would make to create great landscape photographs?"

DAM Workshop at UMBC, November 18, 3-5pm.
Fine Arts Building room 402
. Digital Asset Management workshop on how to professionally manage a growing image archive. Workflows, backup procedures and options, parametric editing and the advantages of the "DNG" format and much more

Okay, Okay, the picture already...
What good is a photography newsletter without at least one good picture! The last three summers I have traveled from New Mexico to Alaska and throughout the Canadian Rockies. I have about 30,000 images archived. I have to say the most memorable and beautiful place I have ever been is Jasper, in the Canadian Province of Alberta. This picture is from the summit of Utopia Mountain (aptly named...) and the most difficult but rewarding climb I have ever made. These are 10,000 foot peaks stacked over a hundred square miles. If you go there, make reservations at the Snaring River Campground. I guarantee that you will be delightfully impressed!

You can view an album of photos of just the Pacific Northwest on my "John Carter Photography" Facebook page by clicking here. Just be sure to "like" me when you do! I get a warm and fuzzy everytime I see a new "like"!

Where was this picture taken?
First person to send me correct location
wins free portrait session.

This contest is going to have to be even harder than the last. I am amazed how fast folks come back with the right locations.

I'll be impressed if you figure this one out!
I'll declare you a DOUBLE winner if you can tell me the secret message inside as well!!!

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