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  Valley of the Gods  
  Inner Harbor Maryland by John Carter Photography  
  Tug Boat at AGM Commercial Real Estate

Changing the direction of my business into the production of Fine Art Prints has been like turning a large ship at sea. It is a slow,precise process.

I am getting known for "BIG" panoramics and large prints with exacting detail provided by the most advanced digital technology available.

Scroll down below to see more of my work spreading throughout Baltimore!

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This is a little bit of "shameless self-promotion" going on at the Lynn Brick Aquatic center in Reisterstown, Maryland.

The walls were a bit dreary and I convinced them to put my work up. Each print is laminated and sealed for protection in the wet and chemical enviroment.

John Carter Photography at Lynn Brick  
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  John Carter Photography at Lt Lynn Brick Aquatic Center

This was not taken on the island of Provencialis in the Turks and Caicos. This one came from the Cayman Islands at the infamous Stingray City.

It is also my secret little test as this print is not laminated. I want to see if the humidity and chlorine in the air will interact with the emulsion. Only time will tell. It has been there for over a year with no damage; a testament to the Epson K3 Archival Inks!

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  John Carter Photography Exhibition at "Art This Way"

After three years of collecting images throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Alaska, and the Canadian Rockies, I am having my first showing of Images at The "Gallery On Main Street" in Reisterstown, Maryland.

Very hard to pick 12 images out of the 30,000 I am in the process of cataloging.

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  I have another Inner Harbor Panoramic hanging in the New Wing of the Howard County Hospital and several images (and graphic designs) hanging in the PCF Corporation, Towson, Maryland. I'll be posting some pictures of these installations soon...