photo services in Baltimore Maryland, Harford County, Carroll County, Cecil County, West Virginia

Large Format Printing...
High Resolution, photographic quality printing up to 44 inches
in one dimension. Up to 100 feet long!
Using the best Archival inks on the market today.
Glossy, Lustre, matt, or canvas available.

Photo Restoration...
Restore those old family portriats back to new!!!
Your traditional film based prints have about a 50 year lifespan.
Time to empty out the shoebox and save those
images for generations to come!

SLIDE / Negative SCANNING...
Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses of slides and
negatives yearning to shine free!!! I will fix the scratches,remove the
dust blotches,color balance the faded and color shifted.
All for a very reasonable price!!!

I can take all those images and make DVD shows
of them that you can view on your television!!!
You can have all your family photos stored on disc with background
music and graphics. Great gift for the "Technically challenged".

LOGO and print DESIGN...
click here for a couple samples

painterly images
click here for a samples